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Baja Insider is a bridge helping close the cultural gap between the United States and Mexico by helping the "gringo" better understand his neighbors. We feel by better understanding the culture differences the traveler will have a much greater travel experience.

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Home Sweet Mexico

Home-sweet-mexico provides cultural information that will allow travelers who stay in Mexico for a while to experience the real Mexico. Topics include friendships, work life, safety, learning Spanish, neighborhoods, and culture shock.

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Language Adventures

Language Adventures comes from our desire to combine our passions for travel and foreign languages, without having to choose one at the expense of the other. Learning a language doesn't require either unlimited time or burying your head in books. We can do it during our vacations while experiencing extraordinary adventures. Our trips offer a new way to learn, refresh or just practice your Spanish while exploring Mexico's Caribbean region. From exploring Caribbean beaches and tropical jungles to visiting a Mayan ruin or fishing village, you'll learn Spanish by living it!

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