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Blackbeard's Cruises

Scuba diving liveaboard cruises from Miami, Florida to the Bahamas on three 22 passenger sailboats. Dive walls, wrecks, reefs and with sharks.

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Private Houses Cuba

Find your private house in Cuba here. You will find additional information and tips regarding your trip to the island of Cuba.

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"Spies, Espionage and Intrigue on the High Seas." A seven-day cruise through the Bahamas with ex-CIA, FBI and KGB officers. A spy theme will run thoughout theship as passengers learn about the spy business from counterespionage experts.

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Zananas Martinique

Discover Martinique in the French West Indies. Beaches, hiking, watersports, leisures, history (Pelée Moutain ...), heritage ... all you need to know to discover the island. (FWI Caribbean)

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