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Accor Hotels is a global online hotel reservation service that links up more than 4000 hotels over 90 countries of every continent. In fact, this chain of hotels boasts of a comprehensive selection of specially tailored hotels that cater for both the needs of leisure travelers and business accommodation. With Accor's wide network, anybody with internet access can virtually find a hotel anywhere in the world.

Their website at contains a holistic amount of travel related information, anything from affiliated hotels, current ongoing promotions, special rates on hotels and much other information which are of interest to travelers. Apart from that, the website is easy to navigate through a convenient search panel where visitors can take a quick look at selected hotels based on the country specified. Furthermore, a customer benefit program rewards travelers with a variety of loyalty programs consisting of a subscription cards, loyalty cards, individual payment cards and corporate cards, all of which give different range of benefits to travelers. For example, subscription cards offer room rate reductions and compliment points while corporate cards provide compliment points as well as expenses reports.

In addition to that, Accor also focus of the corporate traveler market niche, where corporate organizations with frequent traveling employees, can negotiate with them for very special rates depending on the specific company requirements. For instance, Accor offers corporate employees the flexibility of booking their rooms online and instantly obtain their accommodation at pre-negotiated corporate rates.

In order to boost their popularity, they have also sealed a wide range of partnerships with various airline companies such as Cathay Pacific, Singapore Airlines, Qantas Airway, Thai Airways and Japan Airlines. These airlines provide frequent flyer programs to their customers in the form of reward points when travelers stay in eligible hotels which are affiliated with Accor Hotels. In other words, passengers can make a selection on the frequent flyer program that they are subscribing to, book a hotel through and assign the frequent flyer points from that booking to their corresponding frequent flyer program. This is a great attraction for travelers who are always on the lookout for ways to increase their points in order to redeem for free flights later.

In conclusion, Accor Hotels is not just another travel site but is a company that has focuses on a market niche in order to provide better value-added services to its customers as well as to differentiate itself from other bargain travel sites such as or This is the reason why their website is designed with a corporate and professional flavor in order to maintain a certain level of standard. Upon closer look, they also do not neglect leisure travelers, giving these holiday folks a selection of dream holidays to choose from. Finally, similar to many other travel sites, Accor also gives a best price guarantee in order to assure customers that their prices are truly competitive. This is a critical step as the travel industry needs reassurance of prices in light of stiff competition amongst travel sites.

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