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Cheap Tickets, now known as a dot com travel site, was incorporated in 1986 in Honolulu. This company was birthed from the idea of an ad agency who received tickets from an airline in exchange for ad space. When the ad agency put up the tickets for sale at a local newspaper citing cheap tickets for sale, they received good response and later asked the airline for more discounted tickets. This marked the birth of Cheap Tickets as a company. Today, this organization has grown to become part of the Cendant's Travel Distribution Services Division.

Since that time, this dynamic company has utilized various marketing channels and strategies. They started off by distributing cheap ticket coupons through kiosks but later due to the increase in ticket sales, they launched a call center just to sell tickets over the phone. This first call center was opened in 1987, a time when airline travel was becoming more popular.

With the emergence of the Internet, this company was quick to foresee the benefits of expanding its business online and therefore was one of the first travel companies to have an online presence. was launched in 1997 and provided an opportunity for travelers to be the first to purchase cheap tickets over the internet.

Venturing into e-business as a dot com company had proven to boost the growth of cheap and even spearheaded them to go for Initial Public Offering in 1999, just within two years after was launched. This was a huge success which made this successful organization grow into an even larger firm, and also to expand its product line to hotel bookings, car rental bookings, cruises as well as last minute deals. They aimed to provide a one-stop solution to the vacationer, where almost all travel bookings could be made from one location.

In 2000, Cheap Tickets was acquired by Cendant Corporation, a company with diverse businesses across the travel industry as well as in distribution businesses. With this acquisition, they became part of a giant organization that consisted of 5000 employees in 116 countries. In fact, this conglomerate also owned other online travel intermediary companies such as and All in all, Cendant Corporation had business dealings with more than 60000 hotels as well as 44000 travel agencies.

The underlying factor contributing to Cheap Ticket's steady growth would most likely be its forward looking attitude, its strong marketing strategies and its ability to capitalize on opportunities. From just a little kiosk selling cheap ticket coupons from airline companies such as Delta Airlines, British Airways or United Airlines, it has grown to a multimillion dollar public listed company. Throughout the years, they have enjoyed tremendous growth rates riding on the dot com boom, which had been instrumental in bringing the company public just within a period of two years. However, its strong offline presence prior to a focus on an e-business model may probably be the reason why this dynamic company is still steady and strong even till today.

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