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The most successful companies: Expedia has got to be one of the most successful and well-known online travel service providers. This company has developed one of the best online booking systems with their Expert Searching and Pricing (ESP) technology which has even earned them an award. This great system allows consumers to combine multiple flights, hotel bookings, car rentals and local activities all from just one website.

The success of Expedia Travel is attributed to its wide product extensions such as Expedia Corporate Travel and also its operation of Classic Custom Vacations. These value added services allows Expedia to target specialized market niches in order to properly meet the demands of customers in an ever-competitive internet environment.

With a second glance through Expedia's website, you will notice that Expedia also collaborates with many other third party vendors including airline companies, hotels, car rentals as well as cruise lines. Basically, this website works as a marketing portal for these establishments, in which information such as detailed hotel information, photos as well as phone numbers are showcased through Expedia's website. Apart from that Expedia also categorizes the hotels in their site, in which certain hotels are regarded as Expedia Special Rate hotels.

Of course, as with many other travel websites, Expedia aims to offer a one-stop travel portal for any travel services that a traveler may require. For example, last minute travel bookings offer great prices for last minute travelers. Apart from that, travel alerts can also be found on the site in order for visitors to get the latest critical weather or epidemic information from their potential travel destinations. Even passport information can be obtained from the Expedia website. In fact, they also provide a 24 hour customer care line so that anybody who is using this company's services can contact them at any time.

One of more prominent features of the site is that it allows for user customization in which information like personal account information as well as itineraries are readily available for the traveling user. In fact, users who may be looking out for discount prices or great deals can even sign up for email alerts from Expedia. This way, they can be alerted in the event of special offers or if Expedia coupons may be put up for sale. Indeed, from the website there is already a section on great deals where many travel packages allow for cost savings with special prices or discounts. Also, if users want to enquire with a travel specialist for specific advice, there is a special number with which they can call to get the information that they want.

Finally, this portal does not even leave out your pets. They understand the difficulty that most pet owners face when bringing their pets along for holidays. This is why they have made a section of hotels which allow pets to be their guests, and provide the same or even better pampering then their human counterparts! It is no wonder that Expedia Travel has managed to become one of the most popular travel sites on the internet.

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