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Customer satisfaction is Hotel Club's top priority  

As a world leading service provider of online reservation for hotels, Hotel Club aims to sustain customer loyalty by delivering top notch customer service, consultation and unprecedented hotel rates and benefits. This company does this through its strong team of professionals from the IT industry, strong financial background and through its global presence in order to provide unrivalled, dedicated and multilingual service to its customers. With offices all around the world, this travel site provides reservation services for more than 12000 hotels in over 70 countries all over the world.

Hotel Club is an online service provider that practices high standards of customer satisfaction through its website at, which features an absolute plethora of features that users can delve into. Travelers can search for information on the various travel destinations and at the same time make last minute bookings as well. With many helpful features and information links, travelers can obtain essential details with regards to hotel information, special ongoing deals that are supported by an excellent customer service support system.

Each user who registers with this travel site can access their individual account page which allows them to do absolutely everything online. This would include making amendments and cancellations, as well as tracing records and tracking on any reservations which has already been made. Apart from that, users are informed on the latest special offer and great deals that Hotel Club has to offer. The customer service section is contains lists of frequently asked questions from previous customers aggregated into seven different categories, in order for easy selection. Apart from that, email support and telephone support are also available for immediate response.

Furthermore, value added reward points in the form of Member Dollars, are earned through reservations made through the site as well as through referrals. Apart from that, affiliate programs also allow partners to work on a commission basis of 50% from net profits. Therefore, this affiliate program is truly effective in help market their travel products.

Although achieving great customer satisfaction is a strong factor contributing to Hotel Club's success, it's affiliation with also gives it a strategic advantage. This is as both of these companies are owned by the same conglomerate; they can work together in tapping each other's channels in order to obtain the best rates for their customers. This synergy gives them a competitive advantage over other competing travel sites such as Expedia or Trip Advisor.

Although this great portal specializes in hotel bookings, there are many other complementing services included such as flight reservations, group vacation deals, car rentals, tours, attractions, travel insurance and even worldwide calling. This way, all travel requirements and reservations can be purchased from one site and with this, proper planning can be easily be implemented. This is of course targeted for a hassle free experience that comes with a holistically planned itinerary, which is the exactly what Hotel Club aims to provide to their customers.

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