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The URL speaks for itself. This website has everything for the last minute traveler, which includes hotel bookings, flights, travel deals, cruise deals and even gifts! In fact, you'd be surprised at how being late in your bookings can sometimes get you the best deals in town. At first glance and you will notice that this website offers many featured discounts on a wide variety of bookings including dinner and show tickets that start from 20, 29 onwards for hotels off the city of London and even visits to theme parks and restaurants for less than 20 each. Everything looks like a bargain!

How can last minute bookings be considerably cheaper? This is because travel websites have worked out exclusive deals with their suppliers such as hotels, airlines, travel agents, restaurants and entertainment companies. With this, prices are slashed as a specific date or event draws nearer as these suppliers strive to meet the targeted volume within this ever competitive industry. Therefore, in order to meet their targets, they are willing to slash their prices to ensure optimum capacity for their hotel or flight bookings. In the end, airfare and hotel rates can vary between booking dates or travel sites in which the bookings were made from.

However, all these great prices do require justification on the performance of the site. shows their suppliers that their site manages to draw a certain amount of site traffic in order to potentially help increase the visibility or popularity of a hotel or airline, and ultimately increase their sales. Therefore, this means that Last Minute is a marketing agent that markets travel products through the internet. In fact, this company has been awarded by the Web User Reader Awards as the Best Travel Site in 2002.

This travel site goes one step further by providing travelers with a price match guarantee. In order to proof to consumers that they give the best prices around, anyone who has made a purchase from, are offered a refund on the price difference should they find a better price their UK competitor websites within 24 hours. However, this special privilege is subjected to approval, only applies to identical products and does not cover flight ticket purchases.

Last Minute's target is to become the leading European e-commerce lifestyle portal and thus far has been successful in doing so. Apart from that, this company is also part of a travel site group that consists of other travel sites such as, and All of these links allow them to develop collaborations easily especially for portals who are more focused on travel within the US or to other parts of the world. With this, Last Minute will be sure to attain the best prices from their sister companies and forward this benefit to their customers. This strategy has allowed them to stay ahead of their competitors and also to continually enjoy rapid growth within the travel industry.

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