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Octopus Travel is a worldwide online reservation service for hotels, apartments and many other services for travelers. This travel site provides many convenient ways for travelers to monitor and decide on preferred accommodations. Through an online account, users who make bookings and reservations from are able to manage and keep track of all their transactions and check on their travel details as well.

Being a global travel reservation site, the website is user friendly and is available in a multitude of languages. Users will find the web easily accessible as it features much useful information for travelers. These would include a currency converter, interactive city maps, travel advice as well as weather reports. Apart from that its main feature would be the drop down list box where users can select a major city in which they are seeking a hotel in. Users will also need to specify details like date of departure/arrival, estimated time, preferred kind of rooms, services and the search engine would display the closest match to the users liking.

Additionally, Octopus Travel displays the current 'hot deals' section on its main page which lists down value deals that can be found in numerous cities around the world. These great deals are shown in the local currency based on the country of origin that the user selected. When any of these links are clicked, a list of hotels and their descriptions for that corresponding city will be displayed. In fact, users can make their bookings straight away by clicking on the Book button alongside each hotel description.

A unique feature of the website which is rarely found in other travel sites is its apartment listings. Apartments make good alternatives to hotels as they may cost less than hotels for a longer period of stay, but still maintain most of the facilities of a regular hotel. This is truly a unique feature as many users may want to get good deals on apartments too but can rarely find them anywhere.

Furthermore, this company also sells sightseeing tours for certain cities in which special activities such as coach rides, cruises or helicopter rides can all be booked from this site. A planned family or a large group holiday is never easier at as they also provide special arrangements for group travel of 10 people or more that promises great value, exceptional holiday quality as well as satisfaction guaranteed.

Another excellent feature is their travel guide that features some very nifty tools many travelers would adore. In fact, a clickable visual map gives users the option to select any region of their choice, zoom down to the specific country and city in order to discover details of their destination. Here, they will learn about the local places of attractions, activities, culture as well as local landmarks that are worth a visit. Also, additional information such as public transport services, airport transfer information as well as driving details are also easily available to the user. In fact, this site also features impressive city maps which can be downloaded and printed. Moving around in foreign cities can never be easier with these comprehensive maps that feature city and hotel roads, attraction spots and other areas of interest courtesy of Octopus Travel.

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