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Are you planning a holiday but need advice on your destination? Have you set your eyes on a hotel but aren't sure if it is up to your standards? Do you want find the best places to visit but aren't sure where to go? That's where Trip Advisor comes in. This travel information portal receives unbiased reviews from travelers like you who have been there, done that and wish to tell all on the good and the bad. Over here, there will no longer be sales pitches, reviews which have been sponsored or even outdated information. Everything posted in this site is purely comprehensive and based on true accounts.

In fact, there is a section for Trip Advisor Reviews within the website where users are invited to post their opinions and write a review on the hotel they had stayed, the experience that they have had and also their rating of the venue. Of course, all reviews are filtered for profanity, marketing information as well as personal insults. Apart from that, personal information such as names, emails and contact information are collected from reviewers before the review is actually posted. In order to encourage incoming reviews, $500 is given away each week to reward the best review that had been submitted. If that is not enough, reviewers are also given space to upload photographs to accompany their reviews. This way, readers can also view pictures and get a visual of the venue that they plan to stay in.

However, if reviews are still inadequate for some, there is also a forum available for travelers to post specific questions that they may have with regards to their destinations. There are many forums for most continents of the world with a series of popular forums such as the New York City forum, the Las Vegas forum as well as Paris forum. These forums allow any user registered with Trip Advisor to post any questions or answers to other users, which is a great way to obtain different opinions and advice.

Additionally, the people at Trip Advisor also promote their own selection of Editor's Pick locations based on activity type or traveling companions. For instance, they propose great locations popular with children and adults such as the National Parks or swimming with the dolphins at the Bahamas. On the other hand, those who are beach combers can choose to check out the top beach destinations in locations such as Jamaica, Australia and the US Virgin Islands.

Finally, if you are a city buff, there is also a listing of information on featured city destinations such as New York, London and Boston. With just a click of a button, you will be able to obtain hotel prices for your selected destination, photographs posted by past travelers, get a list of the top restaurants to visit as well as get a peak at Trip Advisor's Itinerary, which lists out the best landmarks to visit as well as the best activities to make your trip a memorable experience.

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